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Welcome to the (unofficial) zBench results page!

What is zBench?
This is a benchmark program for Atari TOS systems, compatible Atari clones and Atari emulators. This program is developed by the french guy zorro. The current version is 0.99. You can download the program here in the download section or directly from the home page of the developer.

What is it used for?
Using zBench one can determine the performance of the own TOS system. The following values are calculated: CPU, FPU, DSP, grafics, haddrisk and 3D. These values are compared with a CT2 accelerated Falcon. This is the refence system representing 100% performance. In addition the benchmark results of two other systems can be loaded. All values are displayed in the nice and easy to use grafical user interface of zBench. Also the benchmark results of the own system can be stored in *.ZBH files. In this way it is easy to test the performance of different hard- and software configurations.

What is the purpose of this home page?
The goal of this page is to collect zBench results of as much TOS systems as possible. The results are shown graphicaly in the results section. Also all results (*.ZBH files) are provided for download. In this way everyone can use the results collected here to compare the own TOS system at home with the "rival" of chois.